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      What's Your Best Diet Plans

      Looking for diet plans? Many free online diet meal plans there.

      • Low Fat diet
      • Low Carb diet
      • High Protein diet
      • Weight Loss diet
      • Cholesterol Lowering diet
      • Diabetic diet plan
      • Dash diet

      Or fad diet programs:

      • Atkin Diet
      • South Beach Diet
      • Raw Food Diet
      • Zone Diet

      Confused which you should take?

      Or none of them worked after trying a few, experiencing the following difficulties:

      Exercising and dieting but no losing weight;

      or losing but causing other health problems;

      or losing a few pounds but coming back soon.

      Or you have diet-related chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes or cancer, etc., you feel more difficult to choose a suitable diet plan.

      Why are you confused or failed?

      Because you choose diet according to the taste of your mouth but not your body- your internal organ's need.

      Who is responsible for your health? The taste, or your viscera?

      Obviously, the answer is viscera. That you eat should satisfy the need of your body internal organs first. But look at today, people who are weak in stomach and spleen still drink lots of iced water/coke; and those who have excessive heat (lots of red pimple on skin) in lung still eat lots of chili foods every day.

      How can I learn my body's need? (You may ask)

      Don't worry, here we Ibestdiet will show you how to learn your body's needs, how to arrange your healthy diet meal plan according to your body's needs, and  how to create your best healthy diet plan.

      What's Ibestdiet about?

      Ibestdiet is based on Chinese diet principle, combining modern nutrition. Chinese diet has existed for several thousand years. It is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, or Yin-Yang and QI-Blood theory. It actually guides us how to prevent illness by proper diet and how to live a healthy lifestyle.

      Dietary Rule

      a. To know Your Constitution.

      Though all of us are "made of blood, stomach, spleen, liver, lung, kidney, etc.", we are different from each other on the functions of these internal organs. That's called individual constitution.

      Some people are Yin deficiency, some people are Yang deficiency, and some people are both deficiency in Qi and Blood.  Accordingly, people with Yin deficiency should eat more foods which nourish Yin. Those who are with Yang deficiency should eat foods which promote Yang Qi.

      After knowing your constitution you'll know why low fat diet may work for you, but low carb diet may not, or vice versa.

      b. To know the Food Property and Balanced Diet

      Foods have cold/hot energy. They have different flavors: sweet, bitter, acid, pungent, salty. All these affect our body. And the effects act on different internal organs.

      For example, both pears and bananas have cold energy. Pears clear away heat in the lung while bananas cool off your bowel.

      So go for variety food, balanced diet, avoiding food partiality.

      c. The Environment and the Four Seasons

      Take dampness as an example. If you live or work in a damp place you may store much dampness in your body. You should eat some foods that help to remove dampness, especially in summer.

      Why do People Gain Weight?

      The nutrient intake depends on the work of the digestive system. Whether you are too thin or too fat, the main problem is the dysfunction of the spleen.

      Fitness and Exercise

      It's definitely necessary but highlights the smooth movement of Qi.

      Mental Health

      It's most important for health. Do you know what illness your various emotions will lead to?

      You'll learn here.

      So Ibestdiet is a healthy eating guide, helping you to find your best diet plan. When arranging your meal plans you should consider your body's need, the food property, and the environment you are living or working. It's not for losing weight quick. However, when you eat right you won't become obese, nor sick. If you get no sick you'll live longer.

      I best diet blog
      Various free diet plans and diet menu.How to Create Your Best Healthy Diet Meal Plans? How to prevent illness by proper diet? Yin-Yang Qi-Blood theory will tell you
      1000 Calorie Diet,1000 Calorie Diet Menu Plan for 3 Days, 7 Days
      1000 Calorie Diet is free diet plans for those who go for 1000 calorie diet weight loss.These sample diet menus are designed according to season,individual's need.Lots of seasonal vegetables,fruit
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      All these 1200 calorie diet plans here are healthy balanced with appropriate portion of carbohydrate,protein and fat. They abide by Yin Yang balance,adjusting your metabolism and forming a healthy eat
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      1800 Calorie Diet Plan, Free 1800 Calorie Diet Meal Plan and Diet Menu
      1800 Calorie Diet Plan is for men? Not exactly right. To prepare a healthy 1800 calorie meal plan you should know your body's need and the purpose for the diet plans.
      3 Day Diet Plans and Diet Menu - 3 Day Weight Loss Diet Really Works
      Here 3 day diet plans is also 1000 calorie diet menu. It's not for weight loss fast, nor just confine to a few foods. It's healthy 3 day diet. However, it really works to lose weight.
      Job's Tears Diet Menu - 4 Day Diet Plan
      Job's tears diet menu is 4 day diet plan. It takes Job's tears as main food. Job's tears help to remove excessive dampness, invigorating spleen and regulating metabolism. This diet menu is suitable fo
      1000 Calorie Diet Menu for 7 Days, Free Online Diet Plans
      1000 calorie diet menu for 7 days is free diet plans for Yang-deficiency people about how to eat right in winter. Release your cold feelings and enjoy 7 day diet to lose weight!
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      1200 calorie diet menu for 7 days is 1200 calorie diet plans for people who always feel cold (Yang-deficiency) about how to eat right in winter. Release coldness and lose weight.
      Radish Detox Diet Plan, Radish Weight Loss and for Diabetes
      This radish detox diet plan is one of free detox diet plans. Many radish salad recipes in it.fit for indigestion,constipation,diabetes,high blood pressure,heart disease, cancer,cough,etc.
      Bean Sprout Diet for Skin, Diet Plan for Healthy Skin,Vegan Diet Skin
      This bean sprout diet for skin is skin clearing diet by using mung bean sprout, soybean sprout and black bean sprout.They can solve some skin problems.
      1200 Calorie Diet Weight Loss, 1200 Calorie Diet Plan and Diet Menu
      1200 calorie diet weight loss is not just to reduce your intake to 1200 calorie. It tells you how to choose foods that help you lose weight while keep health.
      1500 Calorie Weight Loss Diet, Free 1500 Calorie Diet Plan and Diet Menu
      1500 calorie weight loss diet is not just to reduce your intake to 1500 calorie. In the diet menu we used many foods that help you lose weight while keep health.
      1200 Calorie Diabetic Menu, Free Diabetic Diet Plan and Diet Menu
      1200 calorie diabetic menu is a sample diabetic 1200 calorie diet meal plan. It used low glycemic index or GI foods as well as foods which nourish Yin. All these foods help to prevent blood glucose fr
      1500 Calorie Diabetic Diet, Free 1500 Calorie Diabetic Diet Plan and Diet Menu
      This 1500 calorie diabetic diet and meal plan included many low glycemic index or GI foods, combining Yin-Yang theory.It shows you how to reduce your blood glucose in natural way.
      1800 Calorie Diabetic Diet Plan, Free 1800 Calorie Diabetic Meal Plan and Menu
      In our 1800 calorie diabetic diet plan most foods help type 2 diabetics keep their blood glucose at normal level.They are low GI or Yin-nourishing foods.Learn how to create your easy quick diet menu
      Low Gi Diet or Low Glycemic Index Diet is a Way of Natural Weight Loss
      Low gi diet or low glycemic index diet has been proved to benefit diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease.It's healthy diet, easy to grasp as long as you learn low gi foods and apply them in yo
      Gluten Free Diet,Food List for what you should eat and what should avoid
      Gluten free diet is not very difficult, as long as you can find out those hidden gluten containing foods.
      Contact Us for Healthy Best Diet
      Ibestdiet is based on Chinese diet principle(yin,yang,qi,blood), combining modern nutrition.guides us how to prevent illness by proper diet and how to live a healthy lifestyle.
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